Dendri comes from the Greek word dendron meaning "tree."

The name reflects the importance of the family tree in the Foundation as well as the importance of trees to the bourbon industry.

The logo represents interconnected relationships.

DendriFund was inspired by a founding donation from Brown-Forman following the sale of Fetzer Vineyards with the intent of honoring their operational "E3 Philosophy" (Environment, Economics, Social Equity). In partnership with the Brown family, sixth-generation owners of Brown-Forman, the foundation was incorporated as an independent 501c3 in 2012 and the Brown Family has since made significant additional donations to the corpus. Today, they continue to contribute and govern alongside company management and independent board directors, leading DendriFund to what it is today – a unique foundation that explores models for how individuals, business, and communities can work together to align around common goals.

We believe models that inspire joint action between diverse stakeholders are critical to addressing the complex environmental challenges facing humanity today – and cannot be successfully addressed in silos. For Example, the bourbon industry is reliant on the natural resources of wood, water, and grain to make bourbon. Jobs and state revenue are reliant on companies like Brown-Forman celebrating 150 years of community citizenship. The health of our fields, forests, and watersheds in which these natural resources grow and are harvested require management practices that regenerate the soil and forest diversity while keeping our waterways clean. Both businesses and people in communities rely on these natural resources—all need to be involved in finding ways to support and sustain them for our future.

It’s all so connected, so our approach is as well.

We envision a community that has a deep understanding of the value of nature and what it means to the lives of human beings, to the prosperity of business and communities, and to relationships all around us.

To achieve this vision we ENGAGE and INVEST in:

To inspire joint action to improve the natural, social, and economic environment for future generations.

Focus Areas
With a home base in Louisville, KY and importance of the bourbon whiskey industry in our region, we have prioritized WOOD, WATER and GRAIN as our areas of program focus. Wood, water, and grain are the natural ingredients essential for making whiskey – which are grown and harvested from fields, forest, and watersheds.

Board of Directors

The DendriFund Board of Directors includes members of the Brown family, Brown-Forman management, and Independent Directors and is reflective of the same dynamics that exist in the communities we support including generational timberland owners and family farmers.

By bringing a full spectrum of individuals together, we are able to discuss the often real or perceived disconnect between short-term needs and long-term necessities. By having these conversations together, our decisions become more personal and we are able take greater collective responsibility. DendriFund demonstrates the ability for real alignment between values and value.

McCauley Adams, WOOD Co-ChairBrown-Forman, Manager Brown-Forman Brand; Brown Family
Alex Alvarez, Secretary, WOOD Co-ChairBrown-Forman, SVP, Chief Production and Sustainability Officer
Todd Barker, GRAINS Co-ChairMeridian Institute, Senior Partner and Practice Director
Eliza Brown, PresidentBrown Family
A. Cary BrownBrown Family
G. Garvin Brown IVBrown-Forman, Chairman of the Board; Brown Family
Sara BrownBrown Family
Garvin Deters, WOOD Co-ChairBrown Family
Trisha FinneganCommunity Foundation of Louisville, Senior Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer
Brian Fitzgerald, Finance and Investment Chair, TreasurerBrown-Forman, SVP, Treasurer, Director Tax Strategy / Brand Analytics
Barbara Hurt, Executive Director*Brown-Forman, Supply Chain Sustainability; Brown Family
Henry IzumizakiRetired Strategy Director, Russell Family Foundation
Jim JoyBrown Family
Caitlin Joy, Recording Secretary*Brown Family
Kelly Kowalczyk, GRAINS Co-ChairBrown-Forman, Sr. Manager Category Sourcing
Michael Sadowski, WATER Co-ChairIndependent Sustainability Advisor