The world doesn’t need DendriFund for its dollars, but it might need it as a model for how individuals and business can work together to advance a common goal. DendriFund is a small foundation yet, its ambition and reach far exceeds its size. It has the ability to leverage the Brown Family and Brown Forman in a way that is unique and can bring more resources, and more influence to the table for greater impact.

The DendriFund Board of Directors includes members of the Brown family, Brown-Forman management, and Independent Directors and is reflective of the same dynamics that exist in the communities we support including generational timberland owners and family farmers.

By bringing a full spectrum of individuals together, we are able to discuss the often real or perceived disconnect between short-term needs and long-term necessities. By having these conversations together, our decisions become more personal and we are able take greater collective responsibility. DendriFund demonstrates the ability for real alignment between values and value.

McCauley Adams
Alex Alvarez, Secretary
Todd Barker
Campbell Brown
Cary Brown
Eliza Brown, President
Garvin Deters
Brian Fitzgerald
Rob Frederick, Vice President
Barbara Hurt,* Executive Director
Henry Izumizaki
Caitlin Joy, Recording Secretary*
Jim Joy
Kelly Kowalczyk
Ernie Patterson, Treasurer
Katie Ryser
Michael Sadowski*

DendriFund is not a traditional foundation – instead of receiving grant applications, we identify projects by actively going into communities to build relationships and dialogue with others working on issues related to wood, water and grain. Our priorities are set by listening, learning, sharing, convening, and co-creating initiatives with partners willing to address complex, multi-stakeholder challenges with a diversity of agendas to create shared community visions and joint action.

Whether you are a non-profit, for-profit, landowner, academic, government representative, or other interested in solutions that drive change at a system level … opportunities to engage in our work are continuously evolving and we would love to explore how your vision and agenda fit into our work.


Even though we do not accept unsolicited grant requests, we are interested in learning more about your organization and starting a conversation about how your organization can find support through our joint action model – contact Barbara Hurt, Executive Director, at